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Hi guys! I am so glad that you were able to visit my website! My name is Kira Bowdre and I am a Social Media Marketing Manager and Advisor. My purpose is to assist my clients in navigating the world of social media in entrepreneurship as pros through extensive marketing strategies and content creation. I would love to be apart of expanding your business's presence and creating financial opportunities as a result!

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The girl behind the business

My journey begins at a really young age. My interest in graphics, videography, and video editing sparked in the fifth grade. At that time, I made videos on YouTube for fun and overtime obtained the skills I have now. I didn't think about diving into the world of entrepreneurship until I reached highschool.

I continued creating beauty and lifestyle content on YouTube that allowed me to partner with companies and generate money through adsense. With this in mind, I wondered how to brand myself on a social platform that began as a hobby. I struggled to market myself and understand the strategies necessary to gain exposure. Once it was time for me to choose a major for college, I knew that I wanted to be in marketing.

After graduating from Augusta University with my Bachelors in Marketing, like most newly graduated students, I did not know where to start. Throughout my life, I enjoyed photography, videography, editing, marketing concepts, and helping others. KRenee has provided me with the luxury of combining my passions! Thanks to you, I am able to live my dreams and help others to do the same.

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